GW 2019 Escape to Lovely Double-A

“Where to go this GW (Golden Week)” is kind of normal question to the people in Japan as they entered the new year, no exception us, no matter with a baby or not. Holiday is holiday after all, which we won’t take it for granted 😛

Around Feb, we started discussion how we’re gonna spend this year’s GW. For the first time in the history, GW holiday will be the longest up to 10 days in total including weekends. I suggested to go to the new places, but Aisar preferred to revisit nostalgic areas such as Okinawa with kids this time. At the end, the fate stood by me. Aisar got the suggestion of cheap flights to Akita. It’s matched to my desire for Aomori, in which we can ride trains from Akita to reach.

Finally, there we went!

Akita Part: rice field tour

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Happy new year #令和 for Japan from Akita where I had one of the best trips in my whole life! People, foods, and experience here beyond my expectation. It’s such another perfect timing to start the change! Because why? at this year GW holiday is extended into 10 consecutive days for the first time and right afterward Muslims will enter the holy month #Ramadan 🙂 Dari dulu pengen ke utara pulau Honshu (Tohoku #東北 area disebutnya) dan alhamdulillah kali ini kesampaian bukan krn emang niat ke sini melainkan krn saat cari tiket Golden Week adanya yg murah ke Akita 🤣 Di sini cuma sehari aja, abis itu langsung ke Aomori. Liputan lengkap ada di IGS seperti biasahhh. … Keterangan foto: (1) Photo booth di museumnya desa Oga yg merupakan hasil reklamasi danau (2) (3) (4) Foto-foto di tempat pembibitan padi dan sawah milik volunteer yg memandu kami. Untuk bisa blusukan ke sawah-sawah ini nggak bisa sendiri yaa.. tapi harus request guide “orang dalem” kaya gitu, yg kenal sama petani di sana atau petani itu sendiri, jadi bisa keliling sambil mendengar penjelasan bagaimana beras Jepang yg uenakkk itu ditanam di dalam rumah kaca (vinyl house), dipindahkan ke sawah, dipanen sampai disimpan di カントリー (lumbung padi zaman now yg bentuknya silinder super tinggi dilengkapi elevator) (5) Nanohana road yg kaya negeri dongeng tapi sayang ga bisa foto-foto di situ krn bus tak berhenti. Nanohana (canola) adalah nama bunga kuning yg nemenin pepohonan sakura. (6) (7) (8) Di pasar tradisional kota Akita (9) (10) Perjalanan bus dr bandara dan di pesawat

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aomori part: apple frenzy

JR Tokyo Wide Pass 1: Golden Week Holiday

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Thanks to JR Tokyo Wide Pass, we could travel to as far as Nikko, Izu, and Kusatsu Onsen in Gunma without breaking the wallet!

And seriously all the venues posted here are kids friendly and accessible, by train or bus ride. One thing to note, we got into the bottom of this beautiful 100 m deep waterfall in Nikko, not by foot, but by an elevator! Who would build an elevator near a waterfall, if not Japanese.

I seriously adore this country nature and the people who built it.


Nikko station Tochigi Japan

Nikko station from the front. We could feel the sensation of “heritage site” since this starting point. The stations we passed along Nikko Line are also designed in vintage style.

Shinkyo Bridge - Nikko - Tochigi - Japan

That famous Shinkyo Bridge. We decided to walk to reach this spot because the traffic jam was terrible when we arrived at Nikko station. It’s not far and even interesting to see the stores along the main street which some of them were listed in the walking map.

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