JR Tokyo Wide Pass 1: Golden Week Holiday

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Thanks to JR Tokyo Wide Pass, we could travel to as far as Nikko, Izu, and Kusatsu Onsen in Gunma without breaking the wallet!

And seriously all the venues posted here are kids friendly and accessible, by train or bus ride. One thing to note, we got into the bottom of this beautiful 100 m deep waterfall in Nikko, not by foot, but by an elevator! Who would build an elevator near a waterfall, if not Japanese.

I seriously adore this country nature and the people who built it.


Nikko station Tochigi Japan

Nikko station from the front. We could feel the sensation of “heritage site” since this starting point. The stations we passed along Nikko Line are also designed in vintage style.

Shinkyo Bridge - Nikko - Tochigi - Japan

That famous Shinkyo Bridge. We decided to walk to reach this spot because the traffic jam was terrible when we arrived at Nikko station. It’s not far and even interesting to see the stores along the main street which some of them were listed in the walking map.

Kegon Falls - Nikko - Tochigi - Japan

Kegon Falls at Chuzenji Onsen area. Must visit scenic view in Nikko, the best among popular waterfalls there such as Kirifuri, Ryuzu, and Yutaki.

Nikko Tochigi Japan (1)

Some shoots taken around the Kegon Falls: (1) Musa with the blueberry chocolate from souvenir shop (2) Us in front of the fall (3) Medal machine –> tried to make it yet failed (4) Rocky cliffs



In the third day, we went to Gunma Prefecture because I wanted to go to hot spring (温泉: onsen) again and there’s famous spot of Gunma called Kusatsu which is reachable by JR express train. Kusatsu onsen has one of the best hot water sources in Japan. Besides, this place is also ‘complete package’ for escaping busy city life: mount hiking, ski resort, golf, and large zoo.

JR express train to Kusatsu

JR express train to Kusatsu, no shinkansen needed

Ryokan (hotel) look - inside

Ryokan (hotel) look – inside

Ryokan (hotel) look - outside

Ryokan (hotel) look – outside, on the way to the onsen room

Ryokan (hotel) look - room

The room we occupied for only three hours was too comfy and nice. I wish I could stay longer T_T

More information about the place we stayed:

Tokinoniwa Ryokan leaflet - Shuttle bus

Tokinoniwa Ryokan leaflet – Shuttle bus

Tokinoniwa Ryokan leaflet - Map

Tokinoniwa Ryokan leaflet – Map

Some captures from our social media:

[Facebook Aisar]

Gunma-Kusatsu Onsen

One of hotel who provides private onsen units in Kusatsu Onsen, Gunma. Worth 3 hours stay!

[Insta Stories Ega]

Tokinoniwa Onsen

The name of hotel with hot spring we stayed in is Ryokan Tokinoniwa

Second experience onsen

Kusatsu is our second hot spring experience

[Insta Stories Aisar]

Kusatsu onsen water source

Kusatsu onsen water source

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