JR Tokyo Wide Pass (2): Autumn Off

(Day 1) Kofu, Yamanashi

Breathing fresh air and seing wild nature. Shosenkyo is located near Kofu city in Yamanashi prefecture. We reached there in about 1.5 hour train from Shinjuku and half an hour bus ride from Kofu station. The whole train journey is covered by Tokyo Wide Pass. (see original post on Aisar’s FB)

The second destination is grape orchards. I shared about our journey on my Instagram. Yamanashi is one of the best grape producers in Japan. We came to the farm very late so we had to make sure first before coming if they’re still available for customer visit. A famous farm, Asunaroen, gave us positive response. At 3:30 PM we went there by taxi from Yamanashi-shi station.

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