JR Tokyo Wide Pass (2): Autumn Off

Day 1: Yamanashi

Breathing fresh air and seing wild nature. Shosenkyo is located near Kofu city in Yamanashi perf. We reached there in about 1.5 hour train from Shinjuku and half an hour bus ride from Kofu station. The whole train journey is covered by Tokyo Wide Pass. (see original post on FB)


yamanashi-shosenkyo(3) yamanashi-shosenkyo(4)

DAY 2: NASU SHIOBARA + DAY 3: karuizawa

Autumn colors are coming. Winter please don’t come so soon (meanwhile the snow has fallen in Michigan). (see original post on FB)

nasushiobara-ooyamakoen(3)nasushiobara-ooyamakoen(3) karuizawa-princeoutlet(1) karuizawa-princeoutlet(2)


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