Bigbro’s Birthday Cake: Chocolate Feats Berries

Okay, here is my post for the birthday cake, so be focus don’t ask me about his development.. LOL :))

It was a simple cake by request as the last year. This time, he wanted “chocolate cream”. Fine.. from the beginning I didn’t think it would turn into good looking cake because brown and red just DON’T MATCHED, see? but I still made it anyway. Hahaha..

Tahun lalu Musa minta cake pake blueberries, eh… tahun ini juga. Yah, kalo blueberries emang selalu ada nggak pandang musim wong belinya juga yang versi frozen. Wakakak, sedangkan strawberries adalah keinginan mamanya dan anaknya suka juga sih. Pengennya sih mama bikin yang putih aja standar etalase toko kue di Jepang, tapi anaknya minta pakai krim coklat, lah kan kagak nyambung yak kalo rotinya kuning, jadinya dibuat coklat sekalian deh sama kaya pas ultahnya mama, tapi yang ini lebih fuwa-fuwa (empuk) karena pake metode warmed eggs.

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Sharp Edge Berries Cake

Sharp edge cake has always been one of my baking goals, so here it’s checked off at my son’s third birthday. Simple, elegant, and super fruity with the blueberry mousse all over the cake, strawberry mousse inside the cake, plus both fresh berries in and out. This time I modified roll cake recipe from ABC Cooking Studio. For you who haven’t known yet, they have recipe pages for free in Japanese! So, even though you’re not joining their cake course, you can still learn from the expert rather than relying on Cookpad 😛 Another recommended website by Japanese cooking experts told by my friend is Minna no Kyo no Ryori. I love to see the recipes written by Japaneses because they likely use simpler and healthier ingredients than Americans’.

However, the language border becomes your problem, you probably has to take a look at some Japanese bloggers who write their recipes in English such as (my fave one) Just One Cookbook

OK fellas, don’t worry for this cake I’ve included the translation of the recipe below. Of course some parts were removed because I made the round cake with mousse filling instead of roll cake. To get the ‘sharp edge’, I was also helped in correcting my already-spreaded-cream after watching video by Nehas Bakery.

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Sharp Edge Strawberry Cake

Strawberries and blueberries on the cake

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