No Dopping No Secret

The boys were enjoying sea breeze in the hotel’s veranda at Derawan Island

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Brotherhood between toddler and baby is the cutest 💕👦🏻👶🏻 #musaromas #noahromas. These are some of their memories in Indonesia last month. Many people asked me how to keep them at a good condition while travelling almost every day during 25 days trip. I said: we’re just lucky! If they’re sick they’re just sick too. No dopping no secret, seriously 🤪. Continue reading

First Ramadan with Two Kids

This year we had baby Noah in our Ramadan. And alhamdulillah, although I fully breastfed him, I could make to do fasting all through the month!

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Twentieth day of #Ramadan! MashaAllah.. thank you for bearing with me to pass these fasting days even though your milk may not too much flowing and delicious as usual, #noahromas! 😂 Pernah merasakan ① dapat puasa hanya 5 hari saat bayi berusia 1,5-2 bulan ② nggak puasa kecuali sehari saat hamil muda ③ puasa sambil menyusui bayi 3-4 bulan, alhamdulillah justru yang ketiga ini yang paling mudah.. karena sesungguhnya lebih berat bayar hutang puasa di hari lain sendirian dibandingkan saat puasa rame-rame. Tahun lalu aja belum kebayar karena fase hamil-menyusui ini. Hehe. 🤪 Banyak pandangan terkait keringanan bumil dan busui dalam shaum Ramadhan, tapi saya selama ini memilih bayar fidyah dan puasa sekaligus seperti kebanyakan teman diaspora. . . . #ramadhanbusui #nursingwhilefasting #fastingwhilenursing #ramadanvibes

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In my experience, holding the meals while nursing is easier than letting my tummy empty while suffering the nausea in the early pregnancy (even though when I finally ate the foods tasted not good). It was like a fighting between my desire and my need. 🙂


This is my story I posted in the socmed about our hobby to do “masjid (mosque) tour” for iftar / taraweeh while Ramadan is coming and how it changes nothing even now with two kids. Written for FAHIMA’s contest. Continue reading