Car Seat Safety Check

#ea5512 set up #carseat for our upcoming baby (3/19/2015). In USA, car seat is a must-have-gear for child from newborn (yes, even when she / he goes home after delivery) until 12 years old. Based on the law, it has to be rear-facing for babies up to one year, but widely recommended up to two years old. To make sure that our car seat is installed correctly on our car and whether it’s still good* enough or not to use, we came to Mott’s Buckle Up Car Seat Safety Center (part of University of Michigan health institutions) in Jackson Road, Ann Arbor by bringing our car and car seat if we already have one. Since our family is a Medicaid (health insurance from federal government) and WIC (food stamp from state government) receiver, we are eligible to be lent a free car seat by the institution till unlimited time. Steps to get this benefit is very easy: just bring your card insurance and complete the paper works, then they will help you practice to install the car seat correctly and safel y on your car and let you go home with it. The car seat they lend is a convertible type which can be used up to child weighs 45 pounds. Alhamdulillah, some hundreds dollar (to buy new car seat) is saved! Thanks #MottBuckleUpProgram! Learn more: * Car seat has expiration time about six years from its manufacture year
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