Welcome to the World, Baby M!

#ea5512 Please welcome baby M to the world and pray for God’s blessings in his life:

★ Musa Ajyadi Romas ★

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA – May 8, 2015 2.26 AM – 6lb 4.3oz (2.8 kg) 20″6′ (52.4 cm)

The first name “Musa” was founded Sept 21, 2012 on the way to Hokkaido, Japan where we had our first honeymoon. It’s inspired from the word “musashi” (武蔵 –> 武 –> 武者 = warrior). It’s also a Messenger’s name of Islam, Moses (Musa is spelling in Arabic / Bahasa Indonesia) who had important role in saving mankind from arrogant Pharaoh of Egypt. We love this name because of simplicity and strong representation of bravery. We hope baby M grows up to be a brave man in the way of righteousness just like warrior or Prophet Moses.

MUSA as combination of “Michigan” and “USA” is also nice to remember anyway :))

The last name “Romas” is determining since our wedding May 5, 2012. Taken from Aisar’s last name, passed down from generation to generation for male descendants in his family, we hope this given name inspires baby M to make big impact for the society like his great-grandparents (ROMlah-ASyari), who have successfully built a family social business on Islamic education.

The middle name “Ajyadi” was decided just few minutes after baby M’s birth. It’s taken from one of the gates name in Masjid Al-Haram, the holiest worship place for Muslim. We had favorite spot to pray nearby “Ajyad gate” during hajj journey in Oct 2013 where we tirelessly asked for God to give us this baby boy 🙂 In Arabic, “ajyad” can be variant names of “ajiad” which means noble or from the word “jayyid” which means good. We hope baby M lives his life as that way, not only good but also noble.

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