Story August 13, 2015 at 07:36PM

Judulnya “kue lebaran yang terlambat” wkwk. Pas baru jadi dua jenis, suami nanya, “Ini buat apa, sih?” (saking herannya istrinya bikin kukis keles..) “Itu ceritanya kue lebaran, aku pengen bisa bikin” 😛 #recipega From left top clockwise: #putrisalju (similar to snowball cookies) >> resep dari JTT #sempritcoklat (chocolate cookies made from white eggs and lots of butter) >> resep dari diahdidi’s kitchen #kastengel (salty cookies with cheese and butter taste) >> resep dari hestymyworkofart #nastar (shortbread with pineapple jam filling) >> resep dari JTT juga #storyofthisphoto Never had interest to learn making #kuelebaran (refer to some Indonesians favorite #cookies for Eid celebration) before, but this year when I spent Eid without going home and far away from my big family for the first time, I really missed those cookies, moreover after I was delighted to eat mbak @citradriany’s cookies at her home and finally dragged my hands to give it a try last week.Posted by Ega Dioni Putri via Facebook

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