Watermelon Cake with Yogurt and Cheese as “Whipped Cream”

#lateupload another #dessert from #recipega kitchen – so, last Sunday we were invited by a mix Indonesian-Japanese family to have temaki sushi lunch at their home. The host said we don’t need to bring anything, but I felt not good and decided to bring dessert, and because both of us have little kids plus I hate making sweets, I thought about #healthydessert. This #watermelon #tart came to my search along with rose apple pie (see next photo). I didn’t want to use ready-to-use whipping cream too since it mostly contains high fructose corn syrup, or heavy cream also has preservative, so I substitute with #greekyogurt (#plainyogurt) + #kefircheese (cream cheese is okay) + honey for decorative cream, but it turned little melting 😀 Probably you need to add cheese to make it thicker. #watermelon#watermelontart#watermeloncake#diycake#cakehacking#fruithacking#springdessertPosted by @egadioniputri via Instagram

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