Meeting with Imam Shamsi Ali

#ea5512 Precious meeting with two germs of Indonesia: Imam Shamsi Ali and Fauziah Fauzan. Yet, taking a picture together with #imamshamsiali (far top) such beyonds our dream before coming to USA. We adore him, since we read his memoar book by Julie Nava, as an Islamic chief figure who respects others no matter what their religions are. His kindness has attrated many people to come to the Islamic center or masjid he’s in charge of, including those who came there with intention on finding errors in Islam or expressing hatred to Islam, but then ended up converting to muslim 😀 Meanwhile, Mrs. Fauziah Fauzan is leader of an honorable boarding school in Padang Panjang, West Sumatra, Indonesia, called “Diniyyah Puteri”. She was invited by Indonesia counsellor at Chicago for weeks of staying in USA to promote Islamic education. Well, I didn’t attend her speech at MSU, but in the session of our meeting she gave brief message to us which really left deep feeling in my heart. She said to ta ke care of my baby really well up to two years old and help his brain neurons to get connected perfectly (I’m still on search about it and will write it later once I found the scientific facts) by keeping screen away!!! Oh, it’s in line with the advice I heard from Ellie Risman, a parenting expert of Indonesia, and also a suggestion from “Brain Rules for Baby” book that the amount of TV a child should watch before the age of 2 is zero! Thank you so much for imam and staffs from Islamic Center of East Lansing too to have us there in their place and kindly sponsored the dishes. Totally worth it an hour trip from Farmington to the Michigan capital city! #imamshamsiali #fauziahfauzan #kjrichicago #eastlansing #lansing #islamiccentereastlansing #indonesianmuslim #indonesianevent #muslimlife #muslimhood #musliminmichigan #musliminUSA #
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