Burrito Bowl with Chicken Fajita

#recipega’s #firstattempt of #burritobowl for #iftar yesterday (6/12) with #chickenfajita stock from the freezer (I made 7 kind of ready-to-eat side dishes to stock in the freezer during Ramadan :D). OMG.. I want to make this every day!!! So good 👍🏼 unfortunately we run out of tortilla chips and avocado 🙁 #burrito #homemadeburritobowl #southernfood #mexicanfood #navybeans #brownrice #homemadefajitas #ramadan2016

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Recipe for Chicken Fajita

I only cheated the recipe for homemade seasoning from Food dot com and threw whatever I think good for fajitas. I skipped chicken bouillon and onion powder in the seasoning recipe since I didn’t have it, but added around 1/2 pack of taco seasoning mix (store-brought). Here is the ingredients I used:
– 1 boneless chicken breast
– 1/2 large onion + 1 crushed garlic
– a half of chicken weight of mixed-color bell pepper
– 1/4 cup pineapple
– 1/4 roasted walnut
– a cup of water

Recipe for Burrito Bowl

So basically I had the chicken fajita (with recipe above) stored in my freezer a couple days before making this burrito bowl. It’s nice treat! You can make many foods from fajitas. This time we needed quick dinner that I put 10-minutes brown rice in microwave. I love the rice! It saves me when I have no much time to cook rice and because we normally have only short-grain rice (Japanese style), the brown rice is our answer for long-grain rice craving. In our home country, we always eat long-grain rice like Thai jasmine rice. That’s why sometimes we miss it…

Back to burrito.

After the rice was cooked, I simply stirred it with the fajita. I reheated chicken fajita in the saucepan, then added the rice and navy beans (I have it cooked in the fridge). Put some iceberg lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, salsa, and chips. Unfortunately, neither avocado nor tortilla chips we had for this time.

Hope someday I can make it again with complete, authentic ingredients.

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