Fried Dough (Elephant Ear)

“What’s that? Like a pizza with sugar topping,” my question when I saw this food for the first time in a Memorial Day carnival. Both me and hubby had no encounter to #frieddough beforehand, but super interested to the look and imagined the taste would be similar to #rotigoreng (#friedbread in Indonesia or #golanggaling), so we decided to line in a crowded fried dough truck. WE FELL. IN LOVE. Right after going home from the trip, #recipega made it home (this picture is #firsttrial). There’s many variation of recipes online: with baking powder or yeast, using all purpose flour or bread flour, with or without eggs, etc. For my #firstattempt, I used bread flour and baking powder without egg (recipe from King Arthur website). Today I got another request to make #homemadefrieddough again. Gonna try another recipe. Wish me luck! #cookingmama #cookingathome #elephantear #friedbread #favoritesnack Posted by @egadioniputri via Instagram

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