Teri Kacang Kentang (Spicy Anchovy)

Indonesian famous dish #terikacangkentang (spicy anchovy with peanuts and potato) from #recipega kitchen for #potluck #iftar in #TawheedCenter Novi, Michigan, today. Recipe credits to @irasuherman the chef experts on this 😍😍 Let’s see if Pakistani can bear with Indonesian spicy food. I didn’t use sweet mini pepper as original recipe since it’s pricey and I rarely use it (think about leftover) so I used little bell pepper to balance Thai chili pepper (actually mine is made in Vietnam) and seeded some of those chilis to reduce “spicyness” (is it a word?). Potato medium 5 pcs Dried anchovy 150 g Shelled peanuts handfull (50-75g) Thai red chili 5 Sweet mini pepper 6 Shallots 3 Garlic 1 Palm sugar 1 sdm or more Salt 1 tsp or less if anchovy is salted Keylime leaves Tamarind paste 1/4 tsp (optional) Deep fry potato and anchovy. Cut potato thinly, the shape is up to you. Roast peanuts 350F for 20 minutes. Blend the remaining ingredients for “sambal” (chili paste). Sautee the sambal, mix with potato, anchovy, and peanuts. #indonesianrecipe #indonesianfood #spicyanchovy #cookingmama #resepterikacang Posted by @egadioniputri via Instagram

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