Interview with Musa about His Daycare Experience

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An interview with #musaromas yesterday (11/28) in his typical way of speaking. Kata-kata ngehitnya Musa zaman now: sensei, sugoi, oishisou, arigato 🤣 Di akhir itu doi nyanyi lagu Jepang yang nongol di TV tentang gandengan tangan 😬 • • Went to the temporary daycare for the 2nd time and got better than the 1st experience. Based on the instructor's note, he cried only in the first few minutes. They told me to take the kids outside for disaster prevention. Unfortunately I couldn't see and feel sure if they really did it (forgot to ask because I picked Musa in the middle of my errand and needed to go back soon, but if you believe in Musa's answer in the video, so they might be only going to the park instead 😅). • • #toddlerspeaking #2yearsold #multilingualkids

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