Shrimp and Green Pepper Fried Rice

Pi-man (ピーマン), the way Japanese call “green pepper” or unripen pepper, is not in our favorite vegetables list, but we buy when it’s on sale and eat when it’s served 🙂 Unlike the common red, yellow, or orange bell pepper (me and Musa love it a lot!), piman has thin flesh and less juicy. For me, it’s not nice to be eaten raw or in other words to be thrown into salad. Cooking piman always be challenging for me. That’s why I’m excited when getting hooked by this simple recipe today right at the must time to use up my wrinkled piman. It’s originally a recipe for side dish, but I modified it by mixing leftover rice into the cuisine.


– 6 large shrimp, each cut into 3 pieces

– 5 piman, cut into 1cm x 1cm

– 1/4 cup sweet corn

– 1/4 medium onion, slice

– 1 stick scallion, chop

– 1-2 Tbs sesame oil

– 1 tsp rendang seasoning (optional)

– 1 cup leftover cooked rice

– 1 Tbs shouyu (Japanese soy sauce)

– salt pepper as needed

katakuriko (potato starch) as needed

– tomato, fried egg, cracker for serving (optional)


(1) For the shrimps, you can just coat it with katakuriko then throw it into the sauteed spices or do precooking like mine. I had to use leftover mixture for fried chicken, so I fried my shrimp cuts first.

(2) Mix onion, scallion, sesame oil, and rendang seasoning (you can just omit this, I used it because I had leftover too, basically any seasoning such as tomato sauce, oyster sauce, etc. is okay). Pour the mixture on the frying pan, sautee until the onion becomes translucent.

(3) Add the veggies (sweet corn, piman a.k.a. pepper), and shrimp. Cover with the lid or just turn over several times until the veggies and shrimp are well cooked, but the piman should be still crunchy.

(4) Add rice and shouyu. Mix well.

(5) Add salt pepper and serve with tomato, etc.


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