Lost in Cirebon

I and Musa were ‘dumped’ in another city and separated from Aisar on the way to my in-law’s home. It happened when we tried to divide jobs (me handling asleep Musa, him carrying 2 big luggages and 1 stroller –> so obvious in an economic train with no locker! we put them in the aisle and I felt so sorry to other passengers all 4 hours-trip long 😐). Based on information from a passenger who owned Aisar’s seat (it’s another story), I was instructed to walk two cars ahead from the 8th car to get the platform.

FYI, for some small stations in the rural areas of Indonesia, the platforms are short, so if we get seats in some foremost or backmost cars of the train and have to stop there, we won’t meet the platform and need to jump about 1 meter-height. Thus, in order to avoid difficulty when getting off while carrying baby, I was trying to find the good position a few minutes BEFORE we arrived. I had stood up between two train cars when I saw “Bumiayu” sign and got prepared to get off, but I waited until the train had really stopped. By the time I saw small station sign, the train still moved slowly (it was confirmed by the crew later that train moved a lil bit to match the platform position). Then, I saw big “Bumiayu” sign. I knew it’s time to leave the train. My eyes kept attention to the outside looking for any platform. I didn’t recognize passengers load either inside or outside the train, but then… Ohhh, the train suddenly speeded up!

Where did my time go? Until now I believed that it never perfectly stopped. I was awake and alerted.. how could I miss to get off?<<<<<<
onfirmed to Aisar why he didn't search for us, he said it's a quick stop and had been too busy with the stuffs. He came in and out the train for three times to pick each item of our belongings :))

As I realized that I got lost, I knew I couldn't expect Aisar and my father-in-law—who picked us—to catch up the train in the next station because car trip from in-law home in Linggapura to Bumiayu station itself took 30 minutes driving. And after all, it had been midnight 🕛 .

Lucky me, the train crews helped a lot. When I told them that I missed the station, they calmed me and suggested to stop at the closest big station because the next 3 stations from my destination are very quiet and not safe to stay in the late night. They welcomed us in the staffs cabin to sit there until we reached Cirebon (100 KM away from my in-law home). Two polices accompied us during waiting time. Musa woke up and started looking for his dad, crying occasionally. One police accidentally changed his shift at Cirebon, so he offered me to deliver us to the hotel. After discussing with Aisar, we agreed to him. Musa was so excited riding "police motorbike" 😐

Cronology snapshotsAround 1 PM ++, I checked in hotel Sidodadi’s room at booked by Aisar via Traveloka prior to my coming. I and Musa stayed there up to check-out time, exactly coincided with his arrival. He and my MIL came to pick us up in that hot sunny coastal area of West Java. We spent a day full in Cirebon by having lunch and shopping afterwards. One unexpected adventure added to our “mudik” schedule. 😂

Another luck for lesson learned from this experience, I carried my backpack by myself with all Musa’s needs and his clothes-backup in there, plus a little hand bag for my essential items, so we could survive in the hotel. The only regret, I packed my own backup outfits in hubby’s bag, so I couldn’t change my clothes for sleep and after bath. It’s not a big deal tough since I could still use side A and side B for inner 🤣

Hotel Sidodadi, our ‘shelter’ 😝The hotel has a nice small playground with three ride toysBuffet breakfast too! Extra vacation for Mama and Musa. What a drama!

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