KM 1: House Make Over and Home Party

I don’t know whether it made sense or not to write “KM 1” (kilometre one, see the previous post) for the title, but yesterday was counted to one month we live together!!! 🙂 Last weekend, we were very happy for having our comrades in Japan either Indonesian or non-Indonesian confirmed our invitation of a home party to celebrate our wedding. Thanks, guys! We’re also looking forward to coming to such parties (wedding celebration :razz:) from you. By the way, because of that party, one of corners in our house turned into a “romantic corner” as you can see here.


ロマンチックコーナー ♥ A ball table lamp, artificial flower (Aisar bought it :smile:), photo frames (one with a pencil case), promotion card of our lovely business SMS Diolabs, DVD case of wedding documentation, cute figure of minority ethnic in China (bought in Shanghai), and other two items, greeting album and greeting letters, are wedding gift from Aisar’s friends. Really sweet!

These are some zoomed images of two gifts I mentioned last.

★☆ Greeting mini letters in the bottle

Thanks to Aisar’s classmates from SMAN 1 Denpasar: @prayasquitta @anggakrishna @mirah_san @gungyaya_ @putri_eka_p @madejuli @vivi_pudja @svirayuningtyas @albazrosada @krisnadr @alicesaraswati @rustadi @frida_susanti @adi_prast etc.

★☆ Greeting book

Thanks to Aisar’s friends from Toshiba Global Recruitment 2009 circle.
They well practiced Japanese typical gift: photo scrapbook with the greetings :smile:. Fun to read!

In the next post, I hope I can upload some party pics and video. Don’t miss it!  😉

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