Sumatra Trip: Minang Wedding

We departed for Padang on Dec 21st from Surabaya after spending one night in my aunty’s home in Sidoarjo before. Arrived at IBIS Padang when Maghrib was almost over, we stopped by Masjid Sumatra Barat, which then becomes the most unique mosque architecture I’ve ever seen. After checking in the hotel, we started looking for culinary (of course! who doesn’t love Minang cuisine? <3) and ended up eating Sate Padang Donguang-Donguang (ok, I know it’s weird name). Don’t ask me what and why about that place because Aisar decided such things as usual. Alhamdulillah, I was satisfied with their authentic satay and also got to try teh talua (teh telur) alias egg tea – the tea is literally mixed with the egg. Yucks! But, believe me, it’s YUM! Tasted like milk tea for me.

In the next day, Aisar drove our rented car to Solok. The main destination of our Sumatra trip is attending Diya and Ilwan Wedding. Ilwan is Aisar’s close friend and his ex-company mate. They were fellow Indonesians in a Japanese company global recruitment several years ago. Back then, they often met each other and share same activities, that when I and Aisar were married, I got on pretty well with Ilwan too. I know his stories as Aisar does. Hahaha. ,

Driving in Sumatra is actually not recommended for tourist like us. Some locals warned that the terrain is wild, otherwise the people drive reckless. However, Aisar said he had learned all from the internet so he’s confident enough to drive (note: in the 2nd trip to Solok he gave up and hired a driver, LOL). In short, we safely touched down the venue.

Lucky to witness the groom’s coming too.

Hereinafter, I couldn’t enjoy the show nicely since Musa got cranky. He wanted to be with Aisar who took position in the front to capture ijab kabul process. I struggled to switch his attention for many other things.

Congratulation, Diya and Ilwan!

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