Bigbro’s Birthday Cake: Chocolate Feats Berries

Okay, here is my post for the birthday cake, so be focus don’t ask me about his development.. LOL :))

It was a simple cake by request as the last year. This time, he wanted “chocolate cream”. Fine.. from the beginning I didn’t think it would turn into good looking cake because brown and red just DON’T MATCHED, see? but I still made it anyway. Hahaha..

Tahun lalu Musa minta cake pake blueberries, eh… tahun ini juga. Yah, kalo blueberries emang selalu ada nggak pandang musim wong belinya juga yang versi frozen. Wakakak, sedangkan strawberries adalah keinginan mamanya dan anaknya suka juga sih. Pengennya sih mama bikin yang putih aja standar etalase toko kue di Jepang, tapi anaknya minta pakai krim coklat, lah kan kagak nyambung yak kalo rotinya kuning, jadinya dibuat coklat sekalian deh sama kaya pas ultahnya mama, tapi yang ini lebih fuwa-fuwa (empuk) karena pake metode warmed eggs.

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Creamy Chocolate Glazed Cake



Chocolate cream:

Chocolate glaze:

All measurement here is based on what I used for the cake in frames




🎂 Cake (3 layer, round pan 18cm)

3 large eggs (cold OK)

120 g brown sugar (gula putih OK)

90 g all purpose flour (tepung terigu)

30 g cocoa powder

30 g butter —> melted

🥛 Chocolate cream

200 ml heavy cream

100 g chocolate bar —> grated

🍯 Glaze

50 ml sweetened condensed milk

90 g semisweet chocolate chips

70 g brown sugar

55 ml water

5 g gelatin powder

13 g unsweetened cocoa powder

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Chocolate Coffe Cheese Cake Bar

My first playing with oreo biscuit ever! Menu yang sangat jarang dari dapur #recipega. Haha.. This “chocolate coffee cheese bar” brings you go up to the heaven for every single bite.. ♥︎♥︎♥︎ Recipe is modified from original recipe in a book from 100 Yen store I bought in Japan years ago: #cheesebarcrust >> 15 oreo biscuit (take the cream out), 3/4 stick (75 g) of unsalted butter plus a little bit sugar #cheesebarfilling >> 2 packages of 8oz (226 g) cream cheese, 2 packages of 4oz (124 g) Hershey milk chocolates, 1 Tbs (10 g) coffee (instant is better), 160 ml heavy cream, 1/2 Tbs lemon juice, 2-3 Tbs white sugar #howtomakecheesebar >> [1] melt the butter and crush the oreo, then mix both with spatula, arrange in the brownies baking pan (around 7inches length / 20×20 cm squares), chill in the freezer [2] bring the heavy cream to a boil in low heat, turn off as it’s boiled, add the coffeee, mix well, transfer into big bowl [3] melt the chocolate, add to the [2] mixture gradually, then mix quickly [4] add cream cheese (bring it to the room temperature and beat using whisk beforehand), combine very well till you dont see ‘white’ lumps anymore [5] pour the filling mixture over the crust [6] chill in the freezer for minimum 2 hours #nowyouhaveDELICIOUSdessert Enjoy!! #chocolatecoffeecheesebar #cheesebar #chocolatecheesecake #coffeecheesecake Posted by @egadioniputri via Instagram