Month 3 Review of Musa’s Eating

Eight-months means saying bye-bye to puree. Musa is already used to finger foods since the beginning, so he jumps to chunked foods with no problem.

Yet, he still can’t estimate how much his mouth can handle foods and I often find he’s spitting before eating its spits again. It didn’t happen in the past months. Previously, he kept chewing no matter how much the foods filling up his mouth or actually he might not have idea yet the way to take his foods out when his mouth is full ^_^. In a good perspective, it’s actually a good sign that he’s been able to manage bite per bite.

Month 3 Review (8 month old >> Jan 8, 2016 – Feb 7, 2016)



  • Somen (Japanese wheat noodle)
  • Udon (Japanese thick wheat noodle)


  • Bok choy (Chinese cabbage)
  • Bottle gourd [Indonesian: Labu air]
  • Chayote [Indonesian: Labu siam]
  • Jicama [Indonesian: Bengkoang]
  • Long beans [Indonesian: Kacang panjang]
  • Luffa (Chinese okra) [Indonesian: Oyong]
  • Mushroom
    • “White button” variety
  • Water spinach [Indonesian: Kangkung]


  • Blackberry
  • Dates
  • Durian
  • Mangostene
  • Orange >> Juice orange
  • Soursop
  • Strawberry

Milk (Dairy Products)

  • Greek yogurt
  • Buttermilk
  • Cheese >> Colby jack, cheddar, American slice

Meats and Beans

  • Shrimp
  • Salmon
  • Anchovy [Japanese: shirasu]
  • Kidney beans

** Non-food **


  • Barley tea [Japanese: mugicha]

** Spices / seasonings **

  • Seaweed
  • Bonito flakes [Japanese: katsuo bushi]

** Snack or Finger foods **

  • Homemade teething biscuit
  • Japanese veggies rice cracker (yasai senbei)
  • Indonesian baby biscuit
  • Cheerios



How does Musa look when eating them all? Check it out on my Facebook: Musa’s Meals Diary

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