New Year Cleaning: My Pantry Labels

A few days ago I got reminder that we’re billed for another year subscription of this domain *sad*. What a shame to pay about 200 yen per month with lack of new posts here. Instead, I actually just forward updates from our SNS feeds :)) OK then, as my spirit to write is unusually high, I’ll follow up my latest post, best moments of 2020, with this new year themed one.

In Japan, there’s a habit for doing what it’s called as nenmatsu osouji (年末大掃除: end year cleaning) and it refers to A BIG CLEANING which includes:

  • decluttering (ex: dropping unused clothes in recycle bin, discarding old documents, sorting expired foods, changing worn-out furniture, handing over items to those in need, etc.)
  • house make over (ex: changing room layout, putting new decoration, painting or layering wall with new wallpaper, purchasing some new furniture, organizing stuffs, etc.)
  • and if you break down organizing stuffs into more detail works, you can get another list

I won’t make the list longer since you need to be concrete if you practice them and it needs at least one month to get done. I don’t have target last year, but I tried to discard as much as possible unused items and the mission is still going until now, in the mid of January. LOL. Nothing is late for improvement, no? 💛

One of my favorite part in organizing home is putting the labels for storage boxes and it’s been four years I didn’t replace the labels in my pantry. Many of them have been peeled off, so I think this is the time for renewal. I love making design with Photoshop since long time ago before Canva trending like nowadays. This one was also created using some basic technique of cropping, modifying, merging, and transforming of PSE that I purchased eight years ago. I made other labels for toys organization too if you’re interested. Check my next post, inshaaAllah.

Feel free to download these pantry labels, either named ones or blank ones. Enjoy! Thank you for downloading!

TEMPLATE (Blank labels)

All designs above were firstly used about one and a half months after we began Japan’s chapter in our first apartment in Tokyo. Never took a proper photo after applying them on the containers, but I’ve tried my best to provide you an illustration through the pic below even though our current home (mansion) is more tidy than this. Alhamdulillah 😛

You can see a little look here after the labels applied on the containers

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