Homemade Teething Biscuit

Showing up in my FB #memoryoftheday today and would like to share it here. This was my favorite #babybiscuit recipe so far and well accepted by the little guy. • • #biskuitbayi di resep ini teksturnya keras di luar tapi melting di mulut.. sesuai judulnya memang untuk #teething, jadi harus yang nggak gampang hancur saat digigit-gigit. Hihihi.. • • #recipega #teethingbiscuit #biscuitrecipe #babyfood #fingerfood Posted by @egadioniputri via Instagram

Musa’s Weaning Journey

Day 3 fully weaning #musaromas has ended and unbelievable he neither forced me to give milk nor cried at all today!!! Never in our days before he turned two years I had more than 24-hours without breastfeeding him unless (if any) he acted like crazy only for getting a little drops of breastmilk. Now am struggling to overcome the engorgement while hoping that the supply would decrease soon. #weaningwithlove (curcolan di bawah.. 😬)


Source: Instagram @egadioniputri

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Mini Mile Crepes

Mini heart-shaped #milecrepes (because I don’t have normal fry pan 😝). Not a #crepes lover and never made any #crepe at home, but this was nice simple #treat to give a try. #recipega • • #milecrepe recipe: search on @allrecipes titled “Basic Crepes” –> I used a half of ingredients in the recipe to make these mini crepes (around 16-20 layers, some pieces had been eaten before pictured) • filling –> mix these two #cream: – 100 ml #heavycream whipped with high-speed mixer without sugar – homemade #custardcream–> a half portion of recipe below 👇🏽 [ingredients] 1 egg yolk 1 tbsp all purpose flour 2 tbsp sugar 100 ml fresh milk (warm) 1 tbsp butter (melted) [method] (1) stir flour with sugar (2) add egg and mix well (3) add the warmed milk (4) microwave for 1 minute in 600 W (5) shift the batter using strainer (6) add butter (7) repeat step 4, then stir well • • #homecooking #matcha #ミルクレープ #抹茶ミルクレープ Posted by @egadioniputri via Instagram

Edible Flowers Jelly

#Spring is still on the way. After #flowerbread, here is #recipega’s yesterday experiment with #edibleflowers – my first time ever to recognize it’s existing in the vegetable section of some grocery stores. I divided one packs of plain #agaragar into two molds for the transparent layer with flowers and #berries, then put different mixture for the second layer to compare flowers visibility: • • BIG mold (transparent-white as suggested by many recipes out there): egg yolk + sugar + milk + water + cream + katen powder • • SMALL mold (transparent-red): instant leci flavor jelly #Nutrijell The result showed pure transparent jelly like in the small mold couldn’t atand the flowers out, while solid white color from the #milkcustard in the big mold made flowers more prominent. • • #エディブルフラワー #手作りお菓子 #お菓子 #confectionary #jelly #sweets #homecooking #cookingmama Posted by @egadioniputri via Instagram