Shrimp and Green Pepper Fried Rice

Pi-man (ピーマン), the way Japanese call “green pepper” or unripen pepper, is not in our favorite vegetables list, but we buy when it’s on sale and eat when it’s served 🙂 Unlike the common red, yellow, or orange bell pepper (me and Musa love it a lot!), piman has thin flesh and less juicy. For me, it’s not nice to be eaten raw or in other words to be thrown into salad. Cooking piman always be challenging for me. That’s why I’m excited when getting hooked by this simple recipe today right at the must time to use up my wrinkled piman. It’s originally a recipe for side dish, but I modified it by mixing leftover rice into the cuisine.

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Interview with Musa about His Daycare Experience

An interview with #musaromas yesterday (11/28) in his typical way of speaking. Kata-kata ngehitnya Musa zaman now: sensei, sugoi, oishisou, arigato 🤣 Di akhir itu doi nyanyi lagu Jepang yang nongol di TV tentang gandengan tangan 😬 • • Went to the temporary daycare for the 2nd time and got better than the 1st experience. Based on the instructor's note, he cried only in the first few minutes. They told me to take the kids outside for disaster prevention. Unfortunately I couldn't see and feel sure if they really did it (forgot to ask because I picked Musa in the middle of my errand and needed to go back soon, but if you believe in Musa's answer in the video, so they might be only going to the park instead 😅). • • #toddlerspeaking #2yearsold #multilingualkids

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Colored Rice Roll with Furikake

はじめての #デコふり の使用 🍭I'm surprised to know this #100円 shop #ふりかけ doesn't use chemical #foodcoloring! Instead, it uses #sweetpotatopowder #paprikapowder #spinachpowder etc. Bravo, Japan 👏🏼 🇯🇵 #recipega • • Buat #bento Musa ke #jidokan (#児童館) hari ini Mama iseng bikin #nasigulung (#rolledsushi?) pakai nasi yang udah diwarnain dengan serbuk furikake. Ternyata semua warna nggak pakai pewarna buatan, tapi diambil dari bahan alami seperti bubuk ketela (ungu), paprika (oranye), dsb (sisanya lupa ntar dilihat lagi.. tadi buru-buru soalnya. pas beli mah baca cepet komposisi aman/nggak amannya aja. ekekek) • • #hagoromo #はごろもフーズ #お弁当 #弁当 #巻きご飯 #児童館弁当 #mickey

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Free Kids-Fun Indoor Tokyo: Fire Museum

A member in Tokyo Playdates group I follow on FB shared that his kids had fun at “Fire Museum” in the post I commented when I really needed idea to take Musa out with zero yen. In the next day after I read his comment, I repeated my trip to Shinjuku, exactly with the same route like our visit to Shinjuku Gyoen, except I had to go two more stations farther.

Generally, Musa enjoys outdoor places more than indoor destinations, moreover museum, but recently he used to be afraid to the darkness and big displays of museum. LOL. With this Yotsuya Fire Museum he was so. We entered from the basement, which has real-size of fire trucks from now and old ages, and the most scary thing for him, which actually super cute: toy fire-truck with a character robot that can respond you if you step in the designated point by moving its head.

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Jidokan Life: November Craft

It’s still mid November, but they decided that this month craft has been themed Christmas 😅 As Muslims, of course we don’t celebrate Christmas, whereas, which popular Westernish day is not celebrated by Japanese? Halloween, New Year, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. almost nothing. Hehe. 

The best team work ever: Mama and Musa 😘

Stickers: the most fun part!

This craft was very simple:

  • made from a large paper cup
  • covered with a sheet of green scrapbook paper
  • wrapped with green plastic
  • insert star decoration on top
  • add more decoration in the ‘tree’, this time we were allowed to use up to eight cute stickers

Today we also managed to take pics of Musa with his jidokan friends for the first time.



Musa, friends, and tree craft

Happy faces after making Xmas tree craft

And don’t forget to move your body after crafting..

Anpanman dance