[Bento Musa] Pangasius Fish Sticks

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Back to school after a week staying home due to stomach pain. Sensei called me yesterday to confirm his condition and invite him to come to school today if he can make it. Musa chose to go. I hope he’s okay until his class finished. Please pray for him 🙏🏻

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[Bento Musa] Sate Kambing

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Jumuah Mubarak, welcome again another “lamb day” in #recipega kitchen!!! Today we have Indonesian SATE KAMBING (grilled lamb meat cuts in skewers 🍢). Karena di sekolah Musa bento-nya nggak boleh pakai tusukan lucu-lucu atau garpu kecil demi keamanan, boro-boro mau dibawain tusuk satenya.. jadilah dilepasin dagingnya dari tusuk dan ditata di cup silikon dikasih cashew. Yum! Musa udah habis satu tusuk sendiri sebelum berangkat sekolah dan dagingnya empuk banget 😋

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Soft Eggless Bread Recipe

I made experiment on a bread dough recipe without eggs recently. This one used the skim milk and I don’t know which ingredient contributed to the soft texture, but it’s really “fuwa-fuwa” and beatable to the dough with soft flour or Japanese rice flour mix.


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卵なしふわふわパン ( ◠‿◠ ) ❤️ Despite laziness while carrying the No. 2 (lebih males dan lemes dr zaman Musa dulu wkwk) and “mudik” aftereffect, #recipega goes #bread-ing again 🥖plus baking roll cake since Musa wanted more “birthday cake” as he came home from Ayumi’s bday party @armeliamelkias —> ntar kalo berhasil dekor yg bagusan di-share deh resepnya abis post ini 😂 … 👩‍🍳 Recipe and bread shapes developed by me from combining some recipes out there 👇🏻 … Both #bananacheese and #driedfruitsandnuts bread are #eggless! … RECIPE FOR EGGLESS SOFT BREAD ✏️ 250 g bread flour (a.k.a. 強力粉 atau tepung protein tinggi) —> masih suka ada yg nanya soal ini ✏️ 2 Tbs skim milk powder (a.k.a. susu bubuk, kalo di Jepang cek ingredients dulu biar aman) —> saring kalo mengeras ✏️ 2 Tbs sugar ✏️ 1 1/3 tsp dry yeast ✏️ 170 ml warm water (about 40 degCel) ✏️ 1/2 tsp salt ✏️ 20 g unsalted butter (kalo pakai mentega macem Blueb*nd, kurangi takaran air sedikit dan skip garam) ✏️ Banana, cheddar cheese, almonds, raisin (ini pake dried cranberries jg), white chocolate (optional) —— 📝 Kneading method is widely available on the internet, please googling.. kalo saya meskipun adonannya 1/4 kg tetep nyaman handmade krn entah knp pakai mixer ujung-ujungnya masih perlu finalisasi pakai tangan jg 🙄 —— By covering with the plastic wrap, raise the dough for a half hour in warm place. Prepare filling and topping: – cut banana into 2 – shred the cheese – chop almonds —— Finger test, divide dough into 2: 🍌Banana bread Roll the dough into wide disc and cut into 4 or 6 triangles like pizza. Arrange banana and shredded cheese, close the opening (the shape is up to you, croissant shape is fine too). .. 🇮🇩 Buat bikin sekat, potong dr tengah adonan segitiga ke bag. yg lebar jgn smp putus buat naruh pisang + kejunya, terus gulung tutup. .. 🥜 Dried fruits and nuts bread Flatten the dough into rectangle, spread raisin etc. Roll length and width wise. Cut into 6 discs. Sprinkle almonds on top. —— Preheat oven 200 degCel. Put the dough near oven to make it rise more (if you have time, do 2nd fermentation). Bake for 10-12 minutes.

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First attempt for “エピベーコン”


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Heartbeat Detected

One day in Ramadan this year, we experienced to see and hear the most relieving heartbeat ever when an empty sac in my belly turned into a sac with tiny creature inside. SubhanAllah wal hamdulillah! I went through uneasy time before that day. Physically, I had the nausea, back pain, stiff legs, and migraine alternately during the day. Mentally, I had less appetite to do anything and often questioned: am I suffering all these aches for ‘something’? with the baby wasn’t showing up yet, it was hard time to bear the pregnancy symptoms patiently. I spent the days to read many articles about empty sac and got prepared to receive any bad fate such as blighted ovum (涸死卵) or miscarried (流産)! Here I’d like to tell you that…

Facing all the possibilities in pregnancy may be not always easy to accept, but keep believe in The Creator who never makes anything reason-less. Be thankful to be trusted to get pregnant instead.

It was not the first super-anxious-two-weeks for me. Back to the past I had:

  • [2014] Two weeks waiting for the next check up at OBGYN while expecting the bleeding to stop in my first pregnancy –> ended up in miscarriage at 6-7 weeks T_T
  • [2015] Two weeks waiting from week 24 to week 26 for additional ultrasound to make sure whether the fetus in my womb normal or having problem since the ultrasound showed the bright color in the bowel area which could be chance for down syndrome (can you imagine how I felt?), cystic fibrosis, or nothing –> ended up healthy baby Musa 🙂

And still, we never know what’s going to happen later… so, for my self reminder and to the fellow expecting mothers out there, please be positive thinking. Our body is ourselves.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH said

يَقُولُ اللَّهُ تَعَالَى أَنَا عِنْدَ ظَنِّ عَبْدِي بِي وَأَنَا مَعَهُ إِذَا ذَكَرَنِي

Allah the Exalted says: I am as my servant expects me and I am with him as he remembers me. (Source: Sahih al-Bukhari 6970)

empty sac ultrasound

Ultrasound pictures which show the transformation of gestational sac inside my womb: [BEFORE] empty + no fetal pole + no yolk [AFTER] fetus + heartbeat.As this post was written down, the baby aged 14 weeks and had another ultrasound check at 11 weeks.

Based on resources I read and a little explanation from the doctor, invisible fetus in my case was probably caused by late ovulation (I have 40-days-cycle period) or the embryo was too small to be visible. Sometimes they do the ultrasound check too earlyright?

In Japan, we require an ultrasound in every check-up from the first prenatal visit (even though you’re just four weeks pregnant!!!) to officially claim the pregnancy until the last visit before delivery. It’s much different compared to US standard which only requires at least ONE compulsory ultrasound to check gender (around 15-20 weeks). I’m going to write the next passages in Bahasa, so please check these references if you need some guides about being pregnant in Japan:

      1. Savvy Tokyo – 10 Must-Read Articles If You Are Pregnant in Japan (this covers many aspects you need to know from first prenatal visit, administration procedures, cost, to birth
      2. Pregnant In Japan: 15 Things They Do Differently (successfully made me giggled a lot! :D)
      3. Pregnant in Japan: Resources (tells you where to ask helps and buy baby/mom essentials)
      4. Last but not least, don’t forget to check your city’s homepage first before going to the clinic or hospital. There should be a lot of important information to read by newbie.

And if possible, choose the medical institution whose English-speaking staff to support your visit. A number of hospitals in Tokyo even have provided reading materials in English.

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